Does IBS Go Away?

Does IBS go away? There are many factors that determine whether your IBS is permanent or not.

What Is IBS?

In order to answer “does IBS go away?” you should know and understand what IBS is and how it works.

IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

There are several types of IBS including IBS-C (constipation), IBS-D (diarrhea), or you may have both.

IBS can cause contractions in the lower abdomen, creating an array of symptoms.

On top of a change in bowel habits, symptoms may include: abdominal discomfort, abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, distention, and loss of appetite.

In some cases this can lead to dehydration, weight loss and malnutrition.

IBS sums up a broad category of lower GI issues and information is still somewhat scarce.

IBS is a chronic disorder, however, not all chronic illnesses are permanent.

How Do We Get IBS?

Does IBS go away? There are many factors that determine whether your IBS is permanent or not.It’s still unclear what the exact causes of IBS are.

Research is still underway and hopefully soon we will have the answers.

But I can tell you, between the time I was diagnosed (2009) and now, at the end of 2017, we haven’t gotten that far with information.

A link between the brain and gut has recently been discovered that could teach us a lot about IBS and how it all connects.

IBS is said to be a psychological disorder rather than physical, because it links to brain function.

Stress can worsen IBS symptoms and create spasms in the gut, but is not a root cause.

Does IBS Go Away?

Earlier, I mentioned that IBS is chronic.

Chronic is ongoing, so in theory, the simple answer to the question would be no.

HOWEVER, and this is a big however, some children with IBS grow out of these symptoms as they become an adult.

Another thing to note is that many of us will go through periods of symptoms and even periods of being symptom free.

These periods of time could last weeks, months and even years.

Symptom-free does not necessarily mean the IBS has gone away for good.

Why Does IBS Stick Around?

As we move closer to answers in the health care field we have learned about a link between the brain and gut.

Our brains don’t magically rewire themselves, so don’t expect IBS to pack its bags and move out.

Almost every treatment out there for IBS treats symptoms and nothing more.

There are a few treatments that focus on the brain like hypnosis and various therapies.

What I Use To Minimize My Symptoms

For most of us, IBS is here for the long haul.

But there are ways to make it “barely noticeable”.

Heather's Tummy Tamers - Peppermint Oil CapsulesHeather’s Tummy Tamers – Peppermint Oil CapsulesTransparent Classic Hot Water BottleTransparent Classic Hot Water BottleThe Complete Low-FODMAP DietThe Complete Low-FODMAP Diet

Peppermint oil takes you from extremely painful IBS cramps to feeling just fine.

ANY time I have cramps, I use peppermint oil and the Heather’s Tummy Care capsules are awesome!

On top of these capsules, I like to use a hot water bottle.

I use my Fashy hot water bottle for cramps, bloating and even to keep warm during the winter months.

The hot water bottle is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

If you haven’t checked out the Low FODMAP diet, click here.

This diet is a temporary restrictive diet, then you re-introduce certain foods to determine IBS symptom triggers.

Determining triggers can otherwise be very difficult.  This diet will help you gain a better quality of life going forward.

These are the three staple items in my life that allow me to have a life.

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