German Hot Water Bottle For IBS Cramps Plus More

Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Check out the amazing German hot water bottles, by Fashy. They are long-lasting and provide effective relief.

Amazing German Hot Water Bottle By Fashy!

Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Check out the amazing German hot water bottles, by Fashy. They are long-lasting and provide effective relief.

Meet your match made in heaven, the German hot water bottle, perfect for IBS cramps and more!

Heat is my savior when it comes to my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

I’m here to discuss the awesome Fashy German hot water bottles and why they’re so amazing!

It’s the IBS cramps that are the worst part for me to handle when it comes to this illness, they’re extremely painful.

The bloating isn’t so great either, terribly uncomfortable.

These hot water bottles are a must-have and I even take it when I travel, my perfect companion!

My German hot water bottle has saved me so many times from excruciating pain in the last two years.

In A Hurry? Check Out A Variety Of The Fashy Hot Water Bottles Below!

Fashy Red Velour Covered Rubber Hot Water BottleFashy Red Velour Covered Rubber Hot Water BottleTransparent Blue Classic Hot Water BottleTransparent Blue Classic Hot Water BottlePink Child Ribbed Hot Water BottlePink Child Ribbed Hot Water BottleFashy Hot Water Bottle with Tartan CoverFashy Hot Water Bottle with Tartan Cover

Forget Heating Pads And Low-Quality Bottles!

In the past I’ve used small hot water bottles (which leaked and fell apart quickly) and heating pads. Tangled wires? No thanks!

It’s actually not recommended to sleep with a heating pad, they can cause electrical fires and harm you.

One night I was using my heating pad and it started to smell like smoke and fire, that really worried me, so I had to toss it.  That thing wasn’t cheap!

That’s why I went for a hot water bottle, taking it to bed with me is a must and it was much more affordable.

After tossing my broken, expensive heating pad, I discovered the Fashy hot water bottles on the web.

This was easily one of the best and most practical purchases I’ve ever made.

I wanted something hot that I could take to bed.  Let’s face it IBS cramps and sleep just don’t mix…AT ALL.

Heating pads are just too unsafe and can cause injuries and electrical fires if bent the wrong way.

So please don’t fall asleep with a heating pad, make the switch to a safer alternative that will cost you less.



Quality MatFashy has the best hot water bottles, they're durable, cute and the heat is long-lasting without burning you. This is one of the best IBS treatments and great for other discomforts.erials

Nothing beats a hot water bottle in my book, safe, practical, doesn’t take up much space and provides great relief!

But not all hot water bottles are made equal.

Some companies make cheap bottles, but they sacrifice quality.

Those cheap bottles are much easier to find in stores and online, but don’t be fooled.

You end up with low quality materials that won’t last, which means more money more often.

I love the Fashy water bottles because they’re very durable and flexible, mine still works like new three years later.

The Fashy hot water bottles are made from a thermoplastic instead of the traditional rubber materials used in many other hot water bottles, which end up leaking and need to be replaced.

Fashy water bottles are built to last longer and I’ve certainly put mine to the test.

The materials can withstand boiling hot water and the warmth lasts for up to eight hours, perfect for getting a good night’s sleep (score!).

This bottle has helped me sleep through the night during bad IBS flares and function during daytime hours.

This bottle is built with very strong and durable materials and can withstand tossing and turning as well as laying on the bottle in bed.

You’ll no longer have to worry about cords, being electrocuted or starting a fire.

Flexibility and Size

The ultimate German hot water bottle, awesome quality, great relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I love mine and it has lasted a long time!Most  hot water bottles come in the traditional two liter size, which is perfect for targeting the entire abdominal area when treating IBS symptoms.

Fashy has standard sized bottles, but also has smaller bottles for children and traveling.  Super convenient!

I find that the standard size is perfect for me.

The bottles have a very secure screw-top lid and the materials protect against any liquid leaking out.  

I’ve never had a problem with my bottle leaking.

The Fashy water bottles are flexible unlike a heating pad, where wires can get tangled up and cause hazards.  It doesn’t matter if you roll over the bottle in your sleep or fold it in half, there will be no electrical fires on my watch!



My Fashy BottleGerman Hot Water Bottle

Fashy has made several types of hot water bottles including bottles with fleece bottle covers and children’s hot water bottles which are smaller in size, one for everyone.

I chose the transparent bottle with fish because it’s fun and unique. 

A fun fact about the fish inside: They will change to a lighter color if the water is hot enough to burn you through the plastic, what an awesome safety feature!!

This bottle is great for the whole family to use in a variety of situations.

My bottle is a standard size and works great, my cats love the little fish inside too.

Get My Transparent Fish Hot Water Bottle Here!!


How To Use Fashy Water Bottles

Simply fill the bottle with hot water (boiling, or hot tap water) and screw the lid on tight.

Test the outside of the bottle for temperature, don’t place it on you if it’s too hot.

First and foremost, I use my Fashy German hot water bottle for abdominal pain.

IBS symptoms include various types of abdominal pain and heat can be used to treat all of them.

Sometimes I’ll place the hot water bottle on the bed and sleep on my stomach for all night relief.  If you sleep on your back, just place the bottle on top of your abdomen instead, or if you are a side sleeper, I like to hold the bottle against my stomach.

No matter what part of the abdomen is suffering, you can place the bottle on that specific area for relief.

I like to use boiling water if I plan to use my hot water bottle for hours, like when I’m sleeping.  Otherwise, I opt for tap water on the hottest setting, it depends on your home water-heater settings.

These bottles can also be used for back pain, shoulder pain, or a foot warmer for when it’s chilly out (just place under your feet).

I’ve used this bottle for menstrual cramps and it works great for that too.



This Bottle Is So Convenient

The Amazing Fashy German Hot Water Bottle, my kitty Mow Mow loves it too. This hot water bottle is great for IBS cramps and bloating.

This German hot water bottle by Fashy is super easy to take on the go, it can lay flat, barely taking up any space.

The heat is very comforting and provides immediate relief wherever you are.

I can take my German hot water bottle wherever I need to: my bed, the sofa, sitting in a chair, in the car and even to work.  

IBS attacks don’t scare me as much anymore, because I always know I have instant relief if I get cramps.

I wish I discovered the hot water bottle and it’s amazing relief years ago when I suffered the most from IBS and abdominal pain.

I really have no idea what I did before I got this bottle, how did I make it through an IBS flare??

The only con about this bottle is it can be tough to fully dry out the inside and get it clean.

All in all, this is a great product that I couldn’t recommend enough!



Photo Credit 1: By naosuke II at Flickr

Photo Credit 2: By Dmitry Borshch at Wikimedia Commons

All other photos are my own.

IBS cramps and bloating? This German hot water bottle provides amazing relief. These bottles are made of high quality materials, built to last.

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  1. Ever since an electric heating pad caught fire while I was using it, I have been nervous about them. A hot water bottle is a great alternative. Some of these are kind of cute too!

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