Using Fennel For IBS: Could Be Your Miracle Plant!

Fennel for IBS

 Why Fennel For IBS You Ask?

Fennel is has the properties of an antispasmodic, making it perfect to treat IBS symptoms.I had no clue what Fennel was until I started working at a grocery store when I was 16.

I didn’t know that people used fennel for IBS until several years after my initial diagnosis.

Wish I had discovered this amazing remedy earlier!

The World’s Healthiest Foods states: “Fennel belongs to the Umbellifereae family and is therefore closely related to parsley, carrots, dill and coriander.”.

According to “The health benefits of fennel include relief from anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhea, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders, and its benefits regarding eye care.”

If you haven’t given fennel a shot in treating your IBS symptoms, you should!


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Fennel For IBS

Fennel for IBS

Fennel is great for abdominal discomfort and cramping.

It is known to work similarly to an antispasmodic.

Fennel herbal tea is perfect for treating IBS symptoms.

This herb often comes in seed for or grounded.

Fennel Herbal Tea

Heather's Tummy Teas Organic Fennel Tea Bags (45 Jumbo Teabags) for IBS, 8.82 OunceHeather’s Tummy Teas Organic Fennel Tea Bags (45 Jumbo Teabags) for IBS, 8.82 Ounce


I ALWAYS keep these tea bags on hand!

Heather’s Tummy Tea is by far my favorite fennel option!

It’s formulated specifically for people with IBS.

This fennel tea is made from fennel seeds and gives you the maximum benefits.

It’s great to have these around for those unexpected flare ups and bad IBS symptoms.

The canister can also be reused when you run out and order refills.



Best Fennel Products For IBS

Nature's Way Fennel Seed, 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)Nature’s Way Fennel Seed, 100 Capsules (Pack of 2)Heather's Tummy Tea Fennel Tea Bags BULK KITHeather’s Tummy Tea Fennel Tea Bags BULK KITStarwest Botanicals Organic Fennel Seeds, 1 PoundStarwest Botanicals Organic Fennel Seeds, 1 Pound


Nature’s Way (seeds shown above) gives you a convenient way to take fennel, perfect for busy days.

These capsules are great for taking after meals or when experiencing a flare up.  These are most ideal for on the go and travel.

The fennel seeds used in the Heather’s Tummy Tea are large and fresh, giving you more relief!

If you’re looking to do some cooking, fennel seeds made by Starwest Botanicals are perfect for flavoring dishes with full flavor!

More Than IBS…

Fennel for IBSWhile fennel is amazing for treating IBS symptoms, there are many other great uses!

Consuming fennel after a heavy meal can help cut down on bloating and discomfort in general.

Fennel can be used to flavor many delicious dishes as well.

The Best Herbal Cookbook

The Healing Kitchen: Cooking with Nourishing Herbs for Health, Wellness, and VitalityThe Healing Kitchen: Cooking with Nourishing Herbs for Health, Wellness, and Vitality

The Healing Kitchen is a very interesting cook book that I just had to share with you!

This cookbook includes recipes using fennel.  But there are many other plants and herbs highlighted in this book as well.

The recipes are healthy and many of them are extremely IBS-friendly.

This is also a great cook book to have on hand for other chronic illnesses that require specific diets.


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