Over Counter IBS Treatment Options

There are tons of over counter IBS treatment options. Everything from pills to natural remedies.

Finding Over Counter IBS Treatment Options

Over counter IBS treatment options are most ideal for many, including myself.

Prescription medications can cost a boat load, especially without health insurance!

On top of the costs, prescription medications aren’t always safe, they come with many side effects and questionable ingredients.

My person preference is to go natural where possible and/or stick to easily obtainable and affordable options.

But if you choose to continue medication, these other options can help with additional issues that the medicine may not fully help.

My medication for example, doesn’t help me 100 percent.  It does a good job, but doesn’t help with every symptom.

With the help of other options, I’ve cut my 3-a-day prescription down to two and hope to eventually stop it all together.

Symptoms VS. Root Cause

There are tons of over counter IBS treatment options. Everything from pills to natural remedies.Continuing with the idea of prescription medications, comes the purpose of these, what is it?

Prescriptions are often made to treat (mask) symptoms, they do not treat the actual cause of an illness in many cases.

While it’s nice to not have those symptoms, you’re still not addressing the real problem.

Do you really want to take a prescription medication for the rest of your life??

What kind of long-term effects will those medications have on you and your body?

I know I wouldn’t want to be in that situation.

I’d rather try things that actually work towards helping the real cause on top of easing symptoms.

But IBS Can’t Be Cured

I’ve been told IBS is an incurable illness since day one.

But I don’t really believe that’s true, never say NEVER!

If you’ve done as much research as I have, you will see plenty of people who tell the internet how they cured their IBS.

I don’t think it’s right to tell people that IBS can’t be cured when we don’t even have all the details on what IBS is.

Research is still lacking, with many questions about IBS unanswered.

You can’t tell me there’s no cure to an illness we don’t know much about.

This is also why there’s no known cure that works for everyone, we need more research and answers.

This Is A Psychological Disorder

There are tons of over counter IBS treatment options. Everything from pills to natural remedies.Studies have been done that show us how this disorder links to our brain as well as our gut.

One way to help yourself would be to cut down on stress and be sure your brain chemicals are in balance.

For a lot of us, we have lots of imbalances, causing all sorts of problems like depression, anxiety, physical illnesses and much more.

Sure, there are prescription for those and in severe cases, may be the best path, but, there are tons of natural remedies that don’t require a prescription.

Maybe if we address our brain and its chemicals and functionality, we can once and for all get rid of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

But in the meantime, we have IBS over counter medications to help us through the symptoms.

Easing Trapped Air and Bloating

Trapped air and bloating are some unfortunate symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Lucky for us, there are tons of over counter IBS treatment options for gas and bloating.

I highly recommend this gas relieving pill, unless you’re strictly sticking to herbal remedies.

Phazyme is the best-working gas pill I’ve tried!

For bloating/natural gas relief, I really like herbal teas like fennel tea.

Ditch The Cramps

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating PadSnuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

IBS cramps are the worst thing I’ve experienced with the illness.

These cramps are very painful and hard to deal with.

One thing that works really well is a heating pad or hot water bottle.

The heating pad to the left here is marketed towards pets, but it’s actually amazing for us people too!

This is my top choice because it has no electrical cords or leaking water.

You simple place this in the microwave and then you have hours and hours of heat.

This is a perfect option for bed time, not just during the day, it’s completely safe to use while asleep.

Bottom Line: Find What Works For You

It’s great that we have such a huge variety in over counter IBS treatment options.

Everyone reacts to treatments differently, so find what give you the best relief.

Our site talks about many different treatment options that you can try on top of what’s outlined here.


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There are tons of over counter IBS treatment options. Everything from pills to natural remedies.

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